getDB! is a small Java web application with a .jsp front end, which is written in valid HTML5 and CSS3. When a user opens getDB! in their browser, the application polls a default SQL Server instance (specified in and populates a list on the webpage of the available tables.

getDB table selection menu screenshot

The table selection menu is populated dynamically from the AdventureWorks database

getDB Query Results screenshot

The Query Results page shows a summary above the detailed records

The user may select one or more tables and click the "Retrieve Tables" button to begin the transaction. After building a query using the selected table names, an output page is constructed from the results.

The goal of the application is to illustrate basic proficiencies in HTML, web application design, Java, database administration, and SQL.

To expand on this application, additional tabs will allow users to enter custom queries and database connection strings to work with their own databases. An abstraction layer for database access would allow support for multiple database types (e.g. MySQL, DB2), and a SQL expression builder could assist users in constructing custom queries - though all of this functionality and more is already provided by SQL management software.

The source code for this project can be viewed on the getDB project page on Github.